A British man died in a shark attack while on honeymoon in the Seychelles

A British man was attacked by a shark when he was snorkelling in the Seychelles.
Ian Redmond was on honeymoon with his wife, who he married less than two weeks previously. He was reportedly just 20 yards from the shore where his wife was sitting when he was attacked.
Witnesses said he was given first aid when he was brought to the beach having lost one arm and suffered serious wounds to his legs and chest.
The BBC reports that two men on a catamaran assisted Mr Redmond just after 17:00 local time and he was taken to hospital.
Police spokesman Jean Toussaint said: “We discovered that the British citizen was badly injured on the hips and the arms. He was assisted medically but unfortunately he could not make it.”
It’s the second shark attack in two weeks, after a French tourist was killed off the same beach on August 2nd.
The Seychelles’ interior minister ordered the closure of all surrounding beaches and banned swimming in waters around the scene of the attacks.
According to the Seychelles Tourism Board’s director, Alain St Ange, the latest attack was a freak accident caused by a foreign shark.
“We need to find the beast and get it out of our waters,” he said. “We have requested help from South Africa and two experts are arriving in the country in the next day.”
Picture: minds-eye