A body was pulled out of mudflats in Portchester on Sunday

A man was found dead after hitting his head when falling from his boat, it’s believed.

Darren Tully lived alone on a houseboat, which had been moored at Wicormarine Boatyard near Fareham. Locals have suggested that the boat had been moored for some time because Mr Tully was restoring her.

His body was recovered by a coastguard, who said he could
have drowned straight away or been overcome by the incoming tide.

“All we know is that he did have a head injury,” a
spokeswoman for HM Coastguard said. “There’s a possibility that
he fell and struck his head somehow. He would have lain in the mud until the
tide came in and possibly drowned.”

A boat owner who uses the same yard as where Mr Tully’s body
was discovered told the Portsmouth News: “What a sad reminder that you have to be so careful when working on boats, even if they’re moored up.”

A post-mortem is due to establish the cause of death.

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