Th results are all in and it's clear that Peter Morton's optimised 50 Mandrake is this year's best boat around the Isle of Wight

Of the 15,000 sailors aboard 1,735 yachts, the last yacht, Malcolm Rittman’s Dimple, did not cross the finish line until 2059, almost 11 hours after she started. For a large number of the yachts, simply completing the circumnavigation and being awarded the traditional finisher’s tankard is an achievement. There were 1,456 finishers this year, yet another record.

Dexia Eure et Loire may have been the fastest boat round, in a new record time of three hours, eight minutes and 29 seconds, but the winner on handicap is Peter Morton’s Farr-designed, Mills-rearranged 50 Mandrake as the clear winner. Mandrake went round in five hours and 45 seconds to win the Gold Roman Bowl.

Morton accepted the impressive gold bowl this afternoon at the Island Sailing Club – it’s his to keep to until next year’s Hoya Round the Island Race, scheduled for 22 June 2002. Fifty-one other trophies were awarded, recognising the vast numbers and types of sailors and yachts who take part in this historic race. Among them are the Silver Gilt Roman Bowl for first overall Island Sailing Club Handicap yacht, the Hoya trophy for the first America’s Cup Class yacht and the Yachting Monthly Family Trophy.For a portfolio of over 150 photographs from the weekend’s action, click here