Five-foot waves sweep the stranded pair five miles off course

One couple’s romantic canoe trip ended in a police rescue after a strong tide and five-foot waves swept them five miles from their course.

Nathan Bluestein spent months planning how he would propose to girlfriend May Gorial. Deciding to pop the question on a romantic canoeing trip last weekend, Bluestein took Gorial to Wild Foul Bay in Michigan.

Bluestein told the Detroit Free Press that after Gorial accepted, the pair didn’t notice that the strong tide was pulling them away from the shore. The newly-engaged couple tried to paddle back but the tide defeated them.

Gorial became sea sick and the couple called 911 after eventually being swept roughly five miles from where they should have been.

A Police boat rescued the pair as night fell.

“If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have seen the wedding day,” Gorial said.