Pet dog was watching over body of man who had been missing for four days

The body of a missing boater was discovered with his dog by his side trying to revive him.

Russell Sandlin was last seen on Sunday afternoon getting in to his boat with his dog at Lake Murray in South Carolina, according to authorities. Police were asked to check on him after Sandlin failed to attend a meeting and wasn’t answering his phone.

His body was discovered three days later with his body entangled up in nearby trees. According to, it appears that his boat ran aground in a shallow cove and his body was flung overboard.

Searchers said that when they found Sandlin’s body on Saluda River, his Weimaraner Sadie was trying to remove the branches and licking his face.

“It’s not uncommon for people to run that river and those creeks at high speed,” the sheriff told the State. “(And) that part of the lake is dark. If he ran that at night, it might have been real easy for him to go up there.”

“That dog stayed with him the whole time,” the sheriff added. “Apparently, it never left the side of the man. There were some limbs and branches that entangled the boat, and the dog actually tried to gnaw them and remove them and free him and the boat up.”

Photo of Saluda River by DJ Gristle

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