Volunteers with Conwy RNLI were called out twice to help the vessel which had grounded on a large mud bank

The vessel got into difficulties on the River Conwy in Wales after grounding on a large mud bank as a result of the falling tide.

Volunteers with the Conwy RNLI were called out by the UK Coastguard on the afternoon of 11 March 2017.

There were concerns about the welfare of the casualty boat’s crew, given its isolated location up river towards Tal y Cafn.

The May-Bob launched, and on arrival at the scene the lifeboat volunteers ascertained that the crew were all wearing life jackets and that they were happy to stay on board until the next tide later in the evening.

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The crew also agreed to regularly report in with the coastguard.

Members of Llandudno Coastguard Rescue Team (CRT) were also on scene and had the vessel in sight, however were unable to approach due to the tidal conditions.

Conwy RNLI lifeboat made its way back through the difficult shallows of the river back to the boathouse where it was successfully recovered and washed down.

Hours later it was called out again to provide safety cover and illumination whilst the vessel re-floated in case of damage to the boat’s hull.

By 2110, the vessel was successfully re-floated from the bank, and due to the strong flood tide, the boat was escorted safely back to Conwy Marina.