Hoylake RNLI receives state-of-the-art new lifeboat, crew are hoping for a new era of lifesaving

A new £2m lifeboat arrived in Hoylake RNLI lifeboat station
on Monday morning following a five-day journey from Poole.

The brand new Shannon design is the first RNLI lifeboat
model to be propelled by water jets instead of propellers, giving more
efficient speed and manoeuvrability.

Operations manager at Hoylake RNLI lifeboat, John Curry
said: “We are absolutely delighted to be the fourth lifeboat station in the UK
and the first on the west coast, to have acquired a Shannon lifeboat.”

“The arrival of the new lifeboat will bring Hoylake into a
new era of lifesaving as the response times of the station will be dramatically

The Shannon is capable of top speeds of 25knots, which is a
50 per cent increase in speed than the current lifeboat models.

Mr Curry said that while 25knots is the classified speed,
under tests and on her journey over, the Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood has been performing up to 30knots.

He told YBW a typical launch at midnight with no one in the
station currently takes between 20 to 24 minutes, however, with the new
Shannon, launch time will be reduced to approximately 12 minutes.

Funding for the new boat has come partly from a generous
legacy and in part from local fundraising.

“This has been the first time we have done the fundraising
for both the boat and the boathouse all together,” added Mr Curry.

“The locals have been incredibly generous, and it’s
fantastic when the general public get behind us, we couldn’t exist without

Paulette Micklewood, from Oxford, bequeathed funding to the
RNLI, and the lifeboat has been named after Miss Micklewood’s father, Edmund
Hawthorn Micklewood.

The Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood replaces Hoylake’s Mersey class lifeboat, Lady
of Hilbre,
which has been operating since
1990 and has carried out 237 rescues, saving 263 people.

Crew members have already partaken of specialist training to
prepare for the arrival of the lifeboat, and there will be a further week of
intensive training before the Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood is launched into service on 11 December.

Mr Curry also said that any members of the public wishing to
view the Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood are
most welcome. The Hoylake station is open from 10am till 3pm.

The Shannon, named the Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood, arrives today after her five-day voyage from the
charity’s headquarters in Poole.