Swedish yard is back in business after being bought by a consortium

Swedish yard Najad is back in business after being bought by boat manufacturer Nord West and yard Orust Yacht Service.

Mikael Gustavsson, former CEO of Najad, said in a statement online: “From the day, when the only way forward was bankruptcy, we have been working hard to find the perfect owner of Najad. In Nord West there is good management and excellent craftsmen.

“Since they are also situated on Orust, I am very sure that the very famous ‘Orust-quality’, that is wellknown in a Najad, will stay with the Najad brand for many years ahead. I am therefore absolutely sure that Nord West ownership is the perfect harbor for future Najad yachts.”

Najad have been labelled a victim of the recession, with Nord West’s statement blaming the bankruptcy on the stark economic crisis after a two-year “vigorous expansion”.

During the company’s 40-year history over 2,000 yachts have been launched under the Najad and Maxi brand names.

Their bankruptcy was announced at the start of August this year.

The new owners hope Najad can regain its position as one of the world’s leading yacht manufacturers along with Nord West.

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