Ever wanted to be a James Bond-style super villain? Here's a perfect underground lair for sale

It looks like the sort of undergound lair a super villain might use in a James Bond film but this huge Norwegian submarine base has come onto the market at a knock down price.

The Olasvern Naval Base took thirty years to build at a cost of £320million but now the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency is selling the incredible hideaway for £11.2million.


Set into a 25,000 square metre mountain range, Olasvern took more than thirty years to build and was completed in 1994.

The complex includes a network of secret tunnels and a place to park your submarine (not included in the price, unfortunately), 13,500 square metres of above ground buildings, a helipad, its own fuel depot and emergency power supply.

It has been on the market since January 2011 but has just been listed on a Norwegian property website at the reduced price.

George Malcolmson, 56, archivist at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport, Hampshire told the Daily Mail he expected a lot of interest in the sale.

“People are fascinated with submarines.

“Part of their mystique is that they are hidden from view and the sub stations are shrouded in secrecy.

“The Olavsvern Naval Base is an underground facility… who would buy it and what they would use it for is a mystery.”