Paul Sayre had been drifting in his 26-foot yacht for days until he was towed into a south Brooklyn marina by the NYPD Harbor Patrol

The NYPD has come to the aid of a unprepared sailor who ran out of food and fuel, and had no radio on board.

Paul Sayre, 39, was sailing from Fire Island to Manhattan when he got into difficulties.

After running out of fuel, his sail also ripped leaving him drifting in his 26-foot yacht.

Luckily, a fishermen noticed the boat was in distress and contacted the NYPD.

A sailor with a beard stands with NYPD Harbor Patrol officers in red BAs

Paul Sayre with his rescuers

NYPD Harbor Patrol officers were sent to the scene, where they found the bearded sailor, who told them he had been drifting for several days.

He was unable to call for help as his mobile phone battery had run low.

Sayre also had no food on board, although he did have water.

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The officers attached a tow line to the yacht and bought the vessel alongside at the Marine Basin Marina in Gravesend, Brooklyn.

Sayre was then taken to Coney Island Hospital by paramedics for a check-up.

A tweet by an NYDP chief

Chief Harry J. Wedin, the NYPD chief of special operations division, tweeted about the rescue

A police spokesman told the New York Post that Sayre had only just bought the yacht, and was living on board full time.

“He’s clearly a newbie sailor who didn’t know what he was doing,” said the spokesman. “He’s lucky he didn’t drift out to sea or he could have died.”

Chief Harry J. Wedin, the NYPD chief of special operations division, posted pictures of the rescue on his official Twitter account.

He wrote: “Great Job by #NYPD Harbor when they rescued a disabled sailboat with a torn sail. He was out to sea with no power or food for several days.”