Witnesses say the boat capsized and sank "in less than a minute" off the Muğla coast in southwestern Turkey killing three people

Three people, including a teenager, have died after a boat capsized and sank off the Muğla coast in Turkey.

The fatal incident happened yesterday (2 August) around 200 metres from the seaside town of Bozburun.

Among those dead is the owner of the boat, identified by the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah as Ali Doğan Çayırlıoğlu.

He and his family, along with work colleagues, were on board the 65-foot boat, known as the Anemone.

An investigation into the cause of the capsize and sinking is being carried out by the authorities in the Marmaris District.

Coast guard, gendarmerie and Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) teams all attended the incident.

The captain and crew of the boat have been detained by the authorities.

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It is being reported that their statements say the boat “sank in less than a minute”.

Local media is also reported that Çayırlıoğlu was steering the vessel when it started taking on water from its rear, probably due to an unclosed hatch.

The businessman took an annual boat tour every year with his family and staff. 11 people are believed to have been on board at the time of the incident.

Speaking earlier yesterday, the governor of Muğla province, Esengül Civelek, said: “The owner of the yacht’s corpse was found and search and rescue operations are ongoing”.

The bodies of 15-year-old Mert Ali Ağdemir and 40-year-old Safia Ağdemir were recovered late yesterday evening.