Both the Newquay coastguard and RNLI responded after four men were thrown into the sea when their boat capsized on the evening of 20 July.

The four men had recently purchased the fishing boat and were out on their first trip when it capsized off Great Western Beach, Newquay.

None of them were wearing lifejackets and there were no lights, flares or a marine radio on board.

Both the Newquay coastguard and the RNLI responded to the incident.

They were called out just before 10pm on 20 July, following several 999 calls.

The four men had managed to reach the shore before the emergency services arrived.

Newquay Coastguard respond after four men were in the sea when their boat capsized

The RNLI tow the fishing boat ashore at Great Western Beach. Credit: Newquay Coastguard


The Newquay coastguard team assisted the ambulance in providing medical assistance to the men.

One of them had to be taken to hospital by ambulance for observation after he ingested sea water. He had become separated from the group when the boat capsized.

The RNLI volunteer crew in their D class inshore lifeboat managed to right the capsized boat.

They took the 13-foot vessel ashore through a one metre surf.

A spokesman for Newquay Coastguard said: “The four persons had recently purchased the boat and this was their first fishing trip in it.”

“They were not equipped with lights, flares, a marine radio or lifejackets’ they were extremely lucky,” stressed the spokesman.

“Please can we remind people, if you are taking to the water in any way make sure you are trained and equipped properly. Always have and wear lifejackets,” concluded the spokesman.