Budding sailor paints mural to gain crew place on ARC 2012

A French artist has earned herself a free lift across the Atlantic by painting a small mural on the wall of the marina in Las Palmas.
Nathalie Cauvi (pictured above) was approached by the owner of a 76ft Bruce King and asked to paint a mural for Free Spirit. She was already painting one for sailing superyacht Bristolian when the owner approached her.
The 33-year-old artist negotiated a space on board Free Spirit in exchange for a small mural and a contribution towards food costs.
Cauvi has limited sailing experience, and has never crossed the Atlantic, but said she’s keen to improve her skills and was excited to be sailing with the family. She arrived in Las Palmas a month ago to find a crew space.
The artist will join 230 boats to sail cross the Atlantic on Sunday when the 2012 Atlantic Rally Cruise begins.