Newly delivered fishing patrol boat was destroyed by a fire on Saturday (27 January). The police are appealing for information

A newly delivered patrol boat, owned by the Lough Neagh Fishermen’s Co-operative, was set ablaze in the early hours of Saturday morning near Battery Harbour.

The £60,000 vessel has been completely destroyed by the fire and now lies underwater at the marina.

The police are currently going through the CCTV footage, which shows two men wearing balaclavas setting fire to the boat.

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The craft was only delivered a week prior to the incident and was to be used to enforce fishing regulations on Lough Neagh.

The area is well known for eel fishing and the Lough Neagh Fishermen’s Co-operative (LNFCS) was founded to manage and conserve the eel industry and to protect the local fishermen’s livelihood.

The police are currently appealing for anybody with information to come forward.