Organisers have revealed plans to make this year's PSP Southampton Boat Show a memorable day out.

The 43rd year of the PSP Southampton Boat Show

will feature brand new attractions, including an Oyster Festival. People will learn

how to select and open oysters, as well as how to prepare them at home. It will

become the first interactive oyster festival of its kind to showcase all 24 UK


Another new addition is the Sea Kitchen Theatre with Shaun

Rankin. With a filled schedule of gastronomical treats, this kitchen will host

legendary Michelin-Star chef Shaun Rankin alongside top chefs, all of whom

will give the audience tips on how to enjoy fish at its best.

The industry’s top experts will be on hand at the Boat

Clinics to give advice on a range of topics including racing, safety at sea,

hybrid propulsion, and kayak fishing.

You’ll be able to hear snippets from books as part of the

Authors Live attraction, where guests can meet authors from the boating world

who will read parts of their published work.

Another further addition is the Boat Parade, which will

happen every day during the PSP Southampton Boat Show. A flotilla of boats will

cruise past the marina whilst a commentator tells the audience about each


There will also be favourite features returning to the

event, including Try a Boat for those considering getting on the water, Get

Afloat for young people who want to have a go, and Try a Dive for anyone

wanting to explore the world of scuba diving.

For more information on the PSP Southampton Boat Show, visit

the website.