New AIS500 transceiver and AIS 'buddy tracking' feature now available


Raymarine’s addition to its AIS (Automatic Identification System) product range, a combined receiver and transmitter, is now available. The AIS500 allows users to both transmit to, and receive, AIS data to and from vessels in the area, as well as to shore-based traffic centres. The AIS500’s features include a dedicated GPS sensor to ensure highly accurate position data is broadcast.

The AIS500 is designed to network with Raymarine’s multifunction systems using Raymarine’s new SeaTalkng technology. It has dual channel (multiplex) monitoring ability, enabling it to pick up both Class A and Class B transmissions over standard VHF frequencies. Operating with Raymarine’s A Series, C Series, E Series and G series – as well as being compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment through its NMEA 0183 interface – the AIS500 enables users to see the movements, size, vessel ID details and even the cargo carried onboard. This data is displayed as an overlay on a chartplotter or radar screen.

Designed for recreational boaters, the AIS500 gives added security and situational awareness, enabling them to see details of vessels in their area, as well as transmitting their information to other AIS equipped vessels. In many instances, understanding the size and movements of other ships and boats in the area can help users avoid dangerous situations or potential collisions.