The endurance classic, raced around the magnificent coastal ranges of western Scotland, has been called off after a serious outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in the area

Barbara and Curly Mills, organisers of the Scottish Islands Peaks Race, have issued a notice warning that the event has been cancelled this year due to the continuing spread of Foot and Mouth Disease in the area. Here’s what they had to say:

Dear All,

We are very sorry to have to inform you that the committee of the Scottish Islands Peaks Race has now decided that we cannot run the race this year in view of the very serious outbreak of FMD.

We were originally going to postpone a final decision until mid April but the disease is still not under control and hence we cannot take runners to the islands. The risks to wildlife and to the livelihoods of the islanders are far more important than our enjoyment of the race.

We considered substituting some other activity for the hill running e.g. cycling, road running perhaps even setting courses on the mainland but the SIPR has its own unique challenge and even the substitute events would carry the risk of appearing uncaring of the possible consequences to wildlife and the farming communities, particularly on the islands with their wild population of vulnerable animals.

The entry fees are being returned and we hope that they will be put away in a drawer for next year’s event which will start as usual in Oban at 1200 on Friday 17 May 2002. We hope you will be there.

We are very sorry that we are having to take this action but we are sure that you will be happy to join with us in helping to protect the hills and islands that we enjoy so much.

We look forward to seeing you next year,

Barbara and Curly Mills