Seakeeper 2, the first gyro stabiliser for boats as small as 27ft, was released at Miami International Boat Show

Seakeeper launched the Seakeeper 2, which will run exclusively on 12-volt DC power and cost $22,700.

The stabiliser was launched at the Miami International Boat Show and is the smallest Seakeeper yet and is designed to eliminate up to 95 percent of roll on vessels of 27ft to 32ft.

The new unit is 25 percent lighter (414 lbs) and 22 percent smaller (24.8” L x 25.5” W x 20” H) than the next smallest model, the Seakeeper 3.

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“We have a relentless drive to of bringing stabilization to the masses,” said Seakeeper COO Andrew Semprevivo. “The Seakeeper 2 is the first of our products to reach down into the 20-foot boat market, and we will continue to expand into new areas to ultimately change the way the world boats.”

Seakeeper 2

Seakeeper 2

Shipments will begin in April 2018. Unlike traditional fins, Seakeeper is completely internal and can be installed virtually anywhere.

According to the company, many consumers opt for a leaning post replacement which can be done with no major structural modifications.

The Seakeeper 2 will use the new touchscreen control panel and allows users to capture real-time performance information.