An investigation is underway after a tourist boat carrying around 150 people sank in the Peňol-Guatapé reservoir, Colombia

At least six people are believed to have died after a tourist boat sank in the large Peňol-Guatapé reservoir in north-west Colombia yesterday (25 June).

Videos posted on social media show the four deck El Almirante rocking violently from side-to-side before sinking.

Dozens of boats and other craft went to the aid of the 150 passengers on board.

The Colombian Air Force also offered assistance, standing by to take the most severely injured to hospital.

The Colombia Red Cross also sent workers to the area.

The rescue operation went into the night, with the Colombian Police and other emergency services continuing to search for the missing.

A tweet by the air force in Colombia

The Colombia Air Force tweeted this following the tragedy

Survivors of the sinking have told local media how they heard a loud noise before the boat began taking on water.

Many were not issued with life jackets.

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The reservoir, which is close to the Colombian city of Medellín, is a popular tourist spot, attracting water sport enthusiasts.

It is still unclear exactly how many people have died in the incident.

Initially, the head of the disaster response agency in Colombia’s Antioquia state, Margarita Moncada said that nine people had died, 99 people were rescued immediately and another 40 managed to find their way to shore on their own and were in good health.

Later, the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, told the media that 122 people had been rescued, six had died and another 31 were missing.