An RNLI crew was called out to assist the skipper, who misjudged the channel at Barmouth in north-west Wales and became stuck.


As the saying goes, 13 is unlucky for some and it certainly was for the skipper of the Jay Giny.

While attempting to circumnavigate around the UK, he decided his 13th stop would be Barmouth in north-west Wales.

Unfortunately, the skipper misjudged the channel and the eight metre yacht ran aground on Ynys y Brawd near the north perch.

The sailor had tried to cross the bar at low water.

Members of the crew of the Barmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat were called to assist at just before 2pm on 2 June.

Although not in any imminent danger, the crew took the man ashore where the Harbour Master’s team were able to give him the necessary advice and information to enable him to continue his journey.

“The boat was equipped with all the charts and almanacs required for the trip and the yachtsman was wearing a life jacket, but misjudged the channel and tried to cross the Bar at low water,” explained Barmouth RNLI’s press officer, Norma Stockford.

The skipper set sail again at high tide.