'Madd Maxx' fails to clinch world title, but emerges unscathed following dramatic high speed boat crash

Competing under the name ‘Madd Maxx’, skipper Daryl Ehrlich has survived a 263mph impact during a drag boat crash.

Seconds into the race, the world’s fastest hydro boat – named Problem Child – was flipped 100 yards when Ehrlich took a corner at high speed.

The boat’s left wing was snapped off during the impact, flipping the skipper from the vessel.

A rescue team attended the scene of the accident and Ehrlich emerged unhurt and gave a thumbs-up gesture to the crowd.

Returning to race the following day, Madd Maxx won the competition despite missing out on clinching the world title.

Watch a video of the dramatic crash below.

 Image from blogs.hotrod.com