Tom Cunliffe explains why there's truth behind this chunk of lore in the latest of his Skipper's Tips.

If you keep the company of old-fashioned longshoremen and you’re having tea in their shed near High Water when it’s blowing like stink, one of them is bound to say, ‘Don’t worry lads. The wind’ll go down with the tide.’

I expect readers well versed in science will thumb their noses at this little chunk of lore, but hold fast! There may not be a shred of truth in the idea 15 miles offshore, but in a river or on a beach flanked by shoals, more and more natural shelter appears as the sea level falls.

The waves ease back, even the wind seems diminished with the water 20ft lower down and the overall impression is undeniable. If you don’t believe me try rowing across your local river in Force 9 at High Water, then at the bottom of the tide. The old boys were right all along.

200 skipperThis tip was taken from ‘Yachting Monthly 200 Skipper’s Tipsby Tom Cunliffe. Buy the book online now here.


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