Benefit from top sailing advice with this special offer.

Experience is vital to every sailor, and in Practical Boat Owner’s new DVD you can learn from the real-life experiences of other yachtsmen.

Practical Cruising aims to pass on tips and techniques practised by sailors with many years of seagoing experience, working on the adage that “to read is to know, to see is to understand”.

To quote Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, “Forget the chit of paper which makes its holder a Yacht Master after 16 weeks in a sailing school; long hours of sea-time and the school of hard knocks are the makings of a good sailor.”

The DVD comes in seven sections, which can be viewed continuously or by topics, which include setting up the rig to getting the best from your sails, and handling your boat in tight spaces to making life easier for short-handed crews.

Other areas covered include ensuring the effectiveness of vital safety equipment to understanding the problems faced by large ships in crowded coastal waters.

A special YBW Christmas offer means you can now buy the DVD for £19.95, compared to the normal £29.95 price. For a free trailer of Practical Cruising visit