A 14-year-old boy who nearly lost a leg in a propeller accident when it was trapped under a racing speedboat recounts his story

Schoolboy Cian Williams has described the moment when his leg was torn to shreds by the propeller of a speedboat.

Cian, 14, was attempting to climb onto a boat out on the water near his home in Porthmadog, North Wales, when the accident happened.  

The air ambulance took him to Gwynedd hospital where surgeons attempted for four hours to save his leg, leaving him with 685 stitches.

“It was like something off Jaws,” said Cian.

“My foot was hanging off and my toes were hanging off. There was blood everywhere.”

“I thought for two minutes that it was a shark that had attacked my leg.”

After seven operations surgeons were able to reattach the limb and the keen rugby player is now able to walk again after undergoing physiotherapy.

Cian said: “I’ve had to work really hard at the physio, but as well as that I’ve been really lucky. It’ll still take a lot of time but I’ve got a vision of running back onto the rugby field to keep me going.”

“Even if that doesn’t happen, the last few months I’ve realised what’s important. I’m back in school, seeing my mates, and am alive and happy.”

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