Images of 80mph powerboat barrel-rolling and landing upright

The Pro-Vee powerboat European championship, held on the Solent last August, saw international powerboat teams battle over several days of exhilarating racing.

The teams set off near Cowes for the circumnavigation of the island and after the first lap of the Isle of Wight the leader was Ceramica Panerei, raced by Italians Mario Invernizzi and Giovanni Carpitella.

Just seconds after setting a new round-the-island speed record passing Cowes, averaging 88.5 mph, the boat caught the side of a wave and catapulted the men through the air in a barrel-roll.

Having flipped approximately thirty feet up in the air the hull amazingly landed upright and continued on its course. Unfortunately the team was disqualified as their engine cover flew off in the roll.
The incredible roll was caught by photographers Ingrid Abery, which has now made this sequence available as one print.

The A1 art poster is on sale through Ingrid’s website for £25 p/p.