Temporary halt to racing for safety reasons.

Following the dismasting of Gunnar Krantz’ Team Henri-Lloyd in the Fehmarn Race early yesterday morning, and the subsequent inspection of all seven other masts of the Maxi One Design fleet racing in the Adecco World Championship, it has been decided, for safety reasons, to call a temporary halt to racing.

‘We were most fortunate that no one was injured when the mast of Team Henri-Lloyd came down,’ said the Maxi One Design Class President, Pierre Fehlmann. ‘We cannot possibly put anyone at risk,’ he added, ‘until we are perfectly certain that the accident will not be repeated.’

Fehlmann spoke in the knowledge of the inspection of the masts which had revealed some slight structural anomalies in the carbon fibre spars. These, while minor, have raised cause for some concern and it is considered fundamental to the success of racing in this exciting class that they are rectified as soon as possible.

Further, more detailed, inspections by technical experts will be made today and estimates of the time needed to make effective remedial action will be assessed. Only then can a date for the restart of racing be announced.