New dual-purpose Sealander for cruising on land and sea

Next year a new kind of amphibious caravan will go on sale: this one can become a floating two-bed mobile home.
The innovative Sealander can be towed on land or lowered into the water and controlled by an electric motor.
“This extends the possibilities of camping and leisure,” inventor Daniel Straub said. “Whoever travels with our floating caravan can spend free time on both land and water.”
“You can settle for the night at the campsite and during the day sunbathe, cruise on the lake or even go fishing for dinner,” the German creator added. “You can even up sticks and settle on the next island if the camp is crowded.”
However, the Sealander can only be used in shallow waters. What it lacks in space (it’s just 12.8ft long and 5.25ft wide), the amphibious caravan makes up for in clever design. It is constructed with a double hull, which means that if the outer shell leaks, only the sub-floor will fill with water and the caravan will stay afloat.
Watch the video below to see all that you can do with the Sealander, which will go on sale next year with a price tag of around £13,000:

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