The last coat of paint is being applied to the repair on Velsheda’s bow after she sustained damage during a mid-Atlantic storm

Velsheda (JK7) left Grenada several weeks ago for a practice dash across the Atlantic in preparation for next years Transatlantic race, and also in order to participate in the Hoya Round the Island Race. The trip was fast – 4000 nm plus in 22 days.

However mid-Atlantic, JK7 encountered a gale recording winds up to 45 knots. After trying to make headway, pounding into very large seas, JK7 eventually hove to for 24 hours.

Damage was sustained to a small area forward where constant pounding shattered the filler on her bow. At present, several experienced workers from New Zealand are at Ocean village making the necessary repairs to the filler and paintwork.

Velsheda was expected to enter the Hoya RTIR, but she was still undergoing repairs at the time. She will no doubt be fighting fit again in time for the J-Class regatta in August.

The Secretary of the J-Class Association confirmed that this last trip completes a World tour for JK7, the first of its kind for an extreme yacht of this type and is a credit to the seamanship of the crew.