The Canal & River Trust is asking boaters to take part in the final stages of its consultation on the future of boat licensing

The Canal & River Trust is inviting boaters to take part in their consultation on the future of boat licensing.

The Trust has already received over 6,000 responses and it’s urging those who have yet to take part to add their feedback.

The future of boat licensing is something that will affect all boaters on the Canal & River Trust’s waterways so the Trust is keen for everybody to have their say as any decision will have an impact on the boating community.

The Canal & River Trust acting head of boating Jon Horsfall, says: “There’s been a great response to the consultation, with thousands of boaters letting us know their thoughts, feelings and suggestions.  Thank you to those who have already taken part.  If you haven’t had a chance to read through the proposals yet there’s still plenty of time as the consultation is running until 18th December.

“It’s important to let us know what you think.  This is about the future of boat licensing – not least how to make sure that the important financial contribution made by boaters is spread fairly across the boating community both now and in the future – and you may be affected by any changes that may be made.  We want to work together with the boating community to shape a licensing system that it simple, fair and will stand the test of time.”

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A series of licensing options based on the first feedback received by boaters in the spring and summer has already been published by the Canal & River Trust. The Trust will later publish a proposal listing the changes and when they will come into effect.

Boaters have until 18 December to give their feedback by visiting the Trust’s website here. 

If you want to know more you can watch the video below of Matthew Symonds, boating strategy and engagement manager at the Canal &a River Trust, talk about the proposal.