Princess Yachts has collaborated with Williams Jet Tenders to produce the new Princess Williams 385 Limited Edition Jet Tender

Made to order, the new Princess Williams 385 Limited Edition Jet Tender is available across the Turbojet range.

The craft marks the coming together of two well-established British marine brands – Princess Yachts based in Plymouth and Williams Jet Tenders, which operates from Berinsfield, Oxfordshire.

The distinctive colour scheme of the tender has been designed to compliment Princess Yachts’ models and provide customers with a uniquely styled craft.

“For years, Williams has been the specific choice of jet tender for many Princess customers all across the world, and so we are delighted to have an official model that celebrates our history working together with the Williams team,” said the marketing director of Princess Yachts, Kiran Haslam.

Each tender is finished with a custom metallic grey helm, unique inflation tube design featuring the Princess forward line branding with a two tone look, and the Princess crown embroidered to the upholstery.

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Additionally, an identification plaque marks the tender as a limited edition model.

They are available from Williams directly through Princess Distributors.

Williams are recognised as the world leaders in the manufacture of jet tenders and have been offering tender solutions to Princess clients for over a decade.

Princess Yachts said the ‘Princess Edition’ tender “encapsulates this relationship in an exciting and eye catching way”.