Search for father's body resumes today

Today search and rescue services will continue to look for a man who went missing after his canoe capsized in the Scottish Highlands on Sunday.

The accident claimed the lives of three children when the canoe turned over in Loch Gairloch over the weekend. Five-year-old Ewen Beaton, his two-year-old brother Jamie and five-year-old Gracie Mackay all died in hospital after being rescued from the water.

The only people who made it to shore were Gracie’s eight-year-old sister Callie and her father Garray, who managed to raise the alarm.

A two-day-search failed to find Ewen Fraser Beaton, who is now presumed dead. The search, which resumes today, hopes to find and recover his body.

Beaton’s family said in a statement: “We are utterly devastated by what has happened and the loss of our beautiful little boys.

“We appreciate all that has and is being done by the emergency services to find their adoring father, Ewen.”

The BBC reports that when Gracie was found, she was face down and unconscious. “She had her buoyancy aid on, it was keeping her afloat but it wasn’t keeping her head out of the water,” said James Cameron, who found Gracie.

It’s still not understood what caused the capsize in the very calm weather on Sunday.