A camping trip for five young men in the Lake District ended with three of their party being rescued after their inflatable boat sprang a leak, marooning them on an island.

Three young men were left stranded on an island at Thirlmere in the Lake District when their “cheap blow up boat” sprang a leak.

The men were returning from an overnight camping trip on Hawes Howe Island when the incident happened at around 10am on 12 November, 2016.

They had been trying to make it back to shore when their boat started to deflate.

Two of their party made it to the mainland and raised the alarm.

The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team responded to the call, launching their boat from the west side of the lake.

A spokesman for the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team said: “A group of five young men decided to camp out on Hawes Howe Island, Thirlmere. Unfortunately, the cheap blow up boat they had bought sprang a leak when they were trying to get back, leaving two on shore, and three marooned on the island.”

“The team turned out with its boat and four team members, and after launching from the west side of the lake, recovered the castaways, who were none the worse for their experience,” continued the spokesman.

“The weather also helped by being absolute flat calm!
” he added.