A British couple have been arrested in Turkey on suspicion of arson at a marina in Marmaris, south-west Turkey

Billy Clark, 34,  and Rosie Glover, 24 were arrested on Wednesday 12 April on suspicion of having started a fire that claimed the life of Turkish pensioner Ekrem Gokce, 63, injured another man, Turker Demir, and destroyed three yachts at a marina in Marmaris, Turkey.

Clark has been charged with reckless homicide but his partner Rosie Glover has been released on probation.

According to the Mirror newspaper, Clark is alleged to have said in his police interview that he’d had been drinking before going back on the yacht to rest with his girlfriend but he ended up having an argument with Rosie Glover. He reportedly told the police that he had no recollection of how the fire started.

It took firefighters three hours to extinguish the fire.

Three yachts were destroyed in the blaze and a sailing boat and a motor yacht were also damaged.