Canadian company acquires licence to manufacture Rocna anchors

The licence to manufacture Rocna anchors has been re-assigned to Canada Metal Pacific, it was announced today.

UPDATE: A spokesman for Canada Metal Pacific told YBW that Rocna anchors will continue to be manufactured in China. They told us that last week a quality control specialist from New Zealand was sent to China to ensure the manufacturer is using the correct steel to produce Rocna anchors.

The spokesman also wrote in the YBW forums that Canada Metal Pacific and Rocna would be concentrating on sorting out the issue of using reduced spec steel in anchors, as well as focusing on a number of other problems that have damaged the reputation of Rocna anchors. You can read more about this the YBW forums.

The news comes after it was recently revealed that Rocna produced anchors made with a lesser grade of steel than called for on their website.

As a result, West Marine issued a product specification notice last month, which allowed customers with a Chinese-made Rocna anchor to request a full refund.

Rocna anchors will now be manufactured by Canada Metal Pacific.

“We have been searching for a line of anchors and anchoring products to complement our CMPTM anchor chain and are very excited to bring Rocna Anchors into the fold,” said John Mitchell, president of Canada Metal Pacific. “Their superior performance fits well with our focus on innovation and quality products.”

Canada Metal Pacific will retain key Rocna staff to help support the transition.

“I am impressed with the manufacturing, engineering and quality control capabilities of Canada Metal Pacific,” said Peter Smith, designer of the Rocna anchor. “I look forward to working with them to continue Rocna’s growth as the highest quality, best-performing anchor available.”

You can find the full controversial story of Rocna in the October issue of Yachting Monthly.

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