The convenience of a motor boat for the cost of a sailboat

A new hybrid boat from Seaway and Volkswagen Marine claims to solve both the environmental and the economic challenges facing the future of motorboating.

Their 10m cruiser has both diesel and electric drive modes, as well as a solar roof to help recharge the batteries whenever the weather permits. A superdisplacement hull is optimised for speeds from 0 to 15 knots using less energy in that range than any comparable displacement or planning hull. This means less fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions per nautical mile. In fact the Greenlineâ??s fuel consumption is half that of a comparable displacement hull and four times less than a twin-engine planning boat.

The solar roof keeps the battery bank topped up and can power the electric drive mode. At low speeds of around 4 knots the energy from the sun can completely power the boat – meaning cost-free and zero-emission cruising.

Home comforts are not overlooked and with its well planned electrical system the Greenline 33 can power all your domestic appliances from its 3kW inverter, supplementing shore power, or switching on the generator when reserves get low if at anchor.

Read more about the Greenline 33 and see the prototype in action below.