VoyageVert is hoping to launch a new ferry service across the North Atlantic, where passengers can sail between Bristol and Boston in the USA.

Bristol company VoyageVert is trying to raise money to launch a new transatlantic ferry service which just uses sail power.

The modified maxi-catamaran will initially take up to 25 passengers between Bristol and Boston from May to September. Eventually, it is hoped it will accommodate up to 200 passengers.

The journey is estimated to take between five to eight days, and passengers can even crew if they wish, learning skills like navigation and meteorology.

The ferry is due to have its maiden voyage in 2018, with tickets priced at £4,000.

VoyageVert said it was now looking for support to help it “realise a brand new ecologically sustainable, trans-oceanic, worldwide ferry network.”

VoyageVert transatlantic ferry service

A render of the maxi-catamaran which will be used to ferry passengers.

Co-director for the firm, Ross Porter, who is a marine engineer, said: “We hope that the aims of this project will inspire a society that has become used to traveling in a few hours to the other side of the world, at a considerable cost to the environment.”

“We will be offering an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the simple joys in the world – feel the spray of the world’s most expansive wilderness – the oppression of the city melt away – and open up to simple joys again,” stressed Porter, who has more than 36,000 nautical miles of sailing experience under his belt.

VoyageVert catamaran for ferry service between Bristol and Boston

The voyage will take up to eight days.

Between now and 10 December 2016, VoyageVert is touring parts of England to raise awareness of its project.

It also hopes to attract donations to achieve its Crowdfund target of £32,000 to take the concept to the next stage.

The project is being supported by the chief executive officer of Earthrace Conservation, Pete Bethune.

“Something must be done to address the imbalances created when we take long-distance travel for granted, and I commend VoyageVert for reaching towards ethical visionary possibilities. I can’t wait to book my first passage!” stated the author of Whale Warrior.

So far, the project has attracted 689 backers pledging £3,135.

Those who crowfund the ferry service can expect rewards such as chocolate imported by wind-powered New Dawn Traders or a place on the maxi-cat’s maiden voyage.