Simon Bale was awarded for his life saving efforts after performing successful CPR on a baby boy

Coastguard officer Simon Bale has been given a Royal Humane

Society award after saving the life of six-month-old Sam Cooper-Stevens.

On 27 January 2013, Simon and the Watchet Coastguard were

called to the scene where a strong gust of wind had blown a baby’s pram into

the water at Watchet Harbour.

Luckily former Coastguard George Reeder was nearby and

jumped in, rescuing the baby.

It then became apparent Sam needed urgent medical attention,

so Mr Bale performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. Sam has since fully


The award was presented by the High Sheriff of Somerset Richard

Lloyd and acknowledges acts of bravery in the saving of human life and for

effecting successful resuscitations

On receiving the award Mr Bale said: “I would first of all

like to praise the actions of all those involved in this rescue, including

George who selflessly jumped in the water to get the baby boy, Tania who

started CPR, the rest of the Watchet Coastguard Rescue Team and the attending

fire and rescue officers from Williton who were all doing their part at the


“I’m honoured to be given this award and I accept it on behalf of

all of those involved from the local community who worked together to help baby

Sam. I’m so pleased that this rescue had a happy ending.”