You don’t need to head for the hills to experience Deliverance-style white water because this year’s Southampton Boat Show features artificial white water rapids of its own

The spirit of adventure is burning bright at this year’s Southampton Boat Show. At the roundabout end of the Holiday Inn block, you’ll find a huge pool, measuring 20m by 24m, complete with white water rapids. Every half hour, the professional demonstration of white water canoeing gives way to an eager public.

Wet suits, crash hats and floating devices are supplied and you will soon be flying down into white water on a raft of your own, providing friends and family with the perfect photo opportunity. The water pump that powers the rapids can vary the water speed, allowing the professionals to push themselves while first timers can take it much easier.

National Boat Shows’ Managing Director Paul Streeter said: “The white water rapid will be a unique feature to the Southampton Show. Water will be channeled down the slalom course to recreate the thrills of white water. It is a unique concept and will be immense fun for everyone coming to this year’s show.”