Guinness World Records has confirmed that 370 visitors to the Southampton Boat Show successfully beat the world record for the largest human image of a boat

It’s official…a new world record was set at the 2016 Southampton Boat Show.

A total of 370 boat show goers came together on 24 September 2016 to break the world record for the largest human image of a boat.

And Guinness World Record has now confirmed that they were successful.

Visitors to Southampton Boat Show attempt to break a world record

Participants in the record attempt wave for the camera. Credit: onEdition

The previous record was 323 participants.

British Marine Boat Shows, which organises the Southampton Boat Show, had to send evidence and footage to Guinness World Records for it be officially verified as a new record.

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Head of marketing, Michael Enser, said: “It is great to have this world record recognised and verified by Guinness World Records.

“Congratulations and thanks to all those visitors and exhibitors who participated in creating the ‘largest human image of a boat’ and are today officially record breakers,” he added.

People form a human boat to beat the world record at the Southampton Boat Show

370 boat show goers come together to beat the record

There is just over 32 weeks until the start of the Southampton Boat Show 2017, which begins on 15 September.