Former Vendée Globe leader Yves Parlier nears the end of an extraordinary race

It was hard to find anything but a nervous smile in the faces of the crews taking part in the fifth leg of the BT Global Challenge. Sir Chay has…

The Scandinavian fishing vessels carrying the bodies of six crew - recovered from the Atlantic after the sinking of the Hansa - have now diverted to stand by a crippled…

Six crew are still missing from a German registered side trawler which sank last night 240 miles west of Tiree

Surfing at 27 knots, bound for Cape Horn, Tony Bullimore and the crew aboard Team Legato are in high spirits and pushing to the max

After enduring ten frustrating days of calms, Paul Larson writes: “Thank God that’s over. When I started this voyage in reality a little over two years ago preparing to sail…

A new scheme launched by the Model Yachting Association is aimed at drawing new blood from local yacht clubs – the only difference is scale

After 62 days at sea, Club Med co-skippers Dalton and Profitt stepped ashore last night to come to terms with their world-beating status in the welcoming warmth of Marseilles

The big blue cat is back in her spiritual home, the Mediterranean, less than a record day’s run from the finish line off Marseilles and a runaway victory in this…

This is the transcript of the radio recording received this morning from Paul Larson aboard Team Legato 3,000 miles from Cape Horn: “To call our current predicament frustrating would be…

This Friday marks the deadline for receiving discounted Transpac entry fees, after which all entries will be charged at the standard rate

The tears and the triumph; on Thursday 1 March, BBC2 is showing a 50-minute documentary made using footage shot during Ellen’s extraordinary voyage in the Vendée Globe

Team Legato takes a flyer

In an attempt to avoid headwinds and big seas, Tony Bullimore has taken the advice of weather routers and altered course for the promise of more favourable conditions

British duo set to take top honours

Ben Ainslie and Adrian Stead duo stand Barlo Plastics in good stead for the second regatta in the Clean Marine Winter Series 2001 that starts today

Kingfisher is now just moments away from arriving in Ocean Village to a rapturous reception from the thousands that have gathered to welcome her