Out with the usual cruising 'slap dash, potato mash' and in with the gourmet cuisine. Janet Buckingham's new cookbook is one that no cruising sailor should be without

The publishers ofJupiter Moon Cook Bookclaim this book cannot fail to inspire the reader with ideas turning them from a galley slave into a galley gourmet.

Spaghetti with lemon and pinenuts, spicy chickpea soup or monkfish kebabs with mushrooms and bacon?sounds more like fine dining with Jamie Oliver than the usual cruising ‘slap dash, potato mash’ cuisine. But Janet Buckingham’s newJupiter Moon Cook Bookproves you don’t need to be a high-class chef to cook up a treat while sailing.

When preparing for a 16-day trans-Atlantic voyage to the Caribbean onboard Buckingham’s yachtJupiter Moon, Janet realized there wasn’t a cookbook that caters for cooking onboard boats, commenting: “It’s not easy to carry lots of cook books so I started noting down recipes for the trip.”

TheJupiter Moon Cook Bookprovides over 200 simple and easy-to-make dishes in a sensible A5 ring-bound format that sits comfortably in your galley. Janet claims: “Some of the recipes are quick, some take a bit longer.” And apparently every recipe has been tried and tested at sea.

The book covers gourmet recipes such as ceviche, a Peruvian dish of raw fish fillet cutlets drenched in lime, olive oil, chilli and pepper; or duck breasts with cranberries and balsamic vinegar; to the more classic recipes like sailor’s favourite apple and blackberry crumble or moules marinieres. And there are also simple instructions for those sailors who struggle to cook an egg. As Janet insists: “You cannot have complicated recipes!”

And unlike other cookbooks, this book provides simple no-fuss recipes that suit cooking in the confined spaces of a galley, with the taste of a la carte European cuisine.

Along with the recipes the book outlines menu plans for longer voyages and advice on provisioning and storage, as well as the essential catching and preparing fish. Christmas Day and other festivities are also possible mid-ocean with Janet’s cookbook.

Jupiter Moon Cook Bookis available at £13.99 from the Kelvin Hughes stand at the Southampton Boat Show. Or you can contact Jill Cable at Live Wire Books on 44 (0) 1295 690624, or e-mail Livewirebooks@aol.com.