Two teams smash into each other during the Extreme Sailing Series Qindoa

Check out the video of the Red Bull Sailing team crashing into Alinghi during Act 3 of the Extreme Sailing Series in Qingdoa.

According to onboard analytics the two vessels collided at 15 knots, making it one of the biggest crashes in the Series’ eight-year history.

The Swiss team, led by helmsman Morgan Larson, watched the final races from the dock after the crash but still came out on top after the international jury awarded them a redress.  

“We were lining up at the start, and approaching the line with ten seconds to go and most of the fleet was on port. Red Bull ducked behind us, the winds were shifty and up and down, there was too much of a puff and they couldn’t get the bear away and T-boned us – it happens,” said Larson.

“It’s great to have won, we had such a great regatta that it was bittersweet to end that way, but I think we earned it so it feels good.

“We’re just glad that no one was hurt and that the boat is repairable – it will take a week in a good boat yard, but it will be back and ready to race.”


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