MarShip UK have launched a new portable diesel cleaning and de-watering system: the Diesel Duck.

If you’re one of the 30 per cent of boat and yacht owners who’ve experienced fuel problems such as water in diesel, diesel bug and other contaminants, you’ll know how infuriating they can be, and how much it costs to get them sorted out.

But help could be at hand.

MarShip UK, who aim to bring ‘big-ship’ technology to the leisure boat industry, have brought out a lightweight diesel cleaning and de-watering system.

They say it can remove water and other pollutants down to just two microns at 12 litres per minute. Plus it’s portable, and can cleanse 1000 litres in under 90 minutes before being connected to a power supply.

Diesel Duck

MarShip tell us that it’s aimed at the “non-technical” user, allowing the vessel owner to use it without assistance.

It won’t be for sale, but offered to marinas and yacht-clubs and charged per hour, so is a low-commitment way to give the new technology a try.

Have you tried the Diesel Duck? You’d be quacking not to let us know.