Elvstrøm Sails UK's new Cable Free Code Zero has been able to replace the furling cable thanks to a new design and use of the EPEX laminate membrane

Elvstrøm Sails UK have announced the launch of a new Cable Free Code Zero for racing and performance cruising yachts.

The Cable Free Code Zero is made from Elvstrøm’s fully guaranteed EPEX laminate membrane, which has strengthening yarns in the load lines enabling the sail to be furled without the need of a heavy cable.

The Cable Free Code Zero can be flown with significantly less halyard tension than a cabled Code Zero, which enables the sail to project further forwards. This helps create a straighter, (non-flapping) leech and means the sail works across wider sailing angles too.

The Cable Free Code Zero was tested by the Lady Mariposa Racing Team, on board their Ker 46, and Elvstrøm Sails UK says that  it has contributed to team’s success with overall victory in the 2018 RORC Offshore Points Championships.

Team Manager, Dan Hardy commented: “The new Cable Free Code Zero is a huge step forwards for these furling sails. Without the heavy cable in the luff, the sail is free to project positively, massively improving the flying shape of the sail. We are finding the Cable Free Code Zero much easier to furl and unfurl compared to our previous sail with a cable. It’s very versatile, with a massive cross-over in our downwind sail wardrobe.

“The sail is much easier to store in the bag. And also, to get it on and off the foredeck as the furled sail can bend and be flaked much more easily, than with a cable”.

Elvstrøm said in a press release: “Significantly for both racing and high performance cruising yachts, removing the cable brings many other benefits. It reduces both the additional expense and weight of having a heavy cable on board. The sail is lighter to move around. Plus, storage is easier too as the sail can be packed into a bag without issues of having to snake and store a very stiff cable down below decks. Additionally, being able to fly the sail with far less halyard tension than conventionally used to get the pointing angles from a cabled sail has other benefits. This reduces the loads required on your mast, halyard sheaves or the need for reinforced bowsprits and fittings, potentially saving on equipment maintenance and build costs too.”