A group of anglers fishing for tuna made the unusal sighting on Friday

A rare sighting of a leatherback turtle has been made off the coast of Scotland.
A group of anglers fishing for tuna spotted the exotic creature between St Kilda and the Isle of Harris on Friday.
The rare species is the world’s biggest turtle, generally between three to six feet long, and is listed as critically endangered.
Skipper Angus Campbell told the Scotsman: “We were on a tuna trip heading out to St Kilda when it just swam ahead. It’s the first time in 25 years I have seen one – it was a big one too.
“But as soon as we got reasonably close it just took off. It was some sight. We may not have had any tuna but we caught sight of another exotic species beginning with a t instead.”
Picture credit: Tom Horton/Kilda Cruises