A painter is offering to loan her pictures to sailing clubs across the UK plus a slice of the profits if they sell

An Oxfordshire-based artist is offering a 20% commission to sailing clubs who sell her nautical-themed paintings.
Jane Vaux is looking for a number of sailing clubs to partner with her on a new venture, which would see them earn some of the profits from sales, should they help sell her artwork.
“If a sale occurs as the result of someone seeing one of my flyers in a sailing club, that club will get 20% of the order value,” explains Jane.
The 58-year-old who’s been a professional artist for 10 years began painting sailing events in 2013 during the America’s Cup.
Jane said: “The America’s Cup inspired me to look into those images but I’m not a sailor myself. I love the madness of these kinds of events and wanted to capture that in my work.”
So far, the artist has contacted around 60 sailing clubs across the South West of England but is urging anyone who may be interested to get in touch with her.
A yacht club in Newton Ferrers has become the first to partner with Ms Vaux, displaying one of her original paintings in their club.
The average price of an original painting by the artist can be upwards of £400, while prints start from £75.
Not every sailing club involved will be able to display an original painting due to limited numbers, but requests would be considered based on whether a club has the right place for display and enough footfall.
Anyone interested in discussing the opportunity with Jane can contact her via: vaux.jane650@googlemail.com or 07990 808 509.

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