High winds and large swells meant the man was trapped on his boat at Glenelg Bay, Scotland until he was rescued by the crew of the Kyle of Lochalsh lifeboat.


A man has been rescued from his boat after becoming trapped on board in storm force winds off the west coast of Scotland.

The volunteer crew of Kyle of Lochalsh RNLI were called out by the Stornoway Coastguard on 28 September 2016, after the man reported he was unable to get off his vessel.

On arrival at Glenelg Bay, the RNLI crew quickly transferred the man on board the lifeboat.

Weather conditions were described by the RNLI as “very high winds and large swell”.

The crew tried to come alongside the jetty at Glenelg, but bad conditions and debris in the water prevented this.

The man was eventually transferred to the Glenelg Ferry slipway.

This was the second call out for Kyle of Lochalsh RNLI due to rough conditions.

On the afternoon of 27 September 2016, the RNLI crew were paged after a member of the public reported seeing a group of kayakers in distress close to Eilean Donan Castle.

The lifeboat launched at 2.40pm, and sped through “worsening conditions” towards Loch Duich.

They arrived on scene at 2.55pm and after a short search, found the group of kayakers close to the castle.

After speaking to them it was determined that they were all very experienced and were not in any difficulty.

A spokesman for Kyle of Lochalsh RNLI said although it was a false alarm, the member of the public reacted in the right way.

“Although the kayakers were not actually in any difficulty, the member of the public who called the coastguard thought that they were, and did the right thing considering the weather,” he added.