A man threatened to kill his landlord and family during a dispute over mooring fees on the River Hull

A boat owner threatened to kill his landlord and family in a disagreement about a mooring he was renting on the River Hull, a court has heard.
Joseph Hurley had fallen out with mooring owners Peter and Liz Harrison because of the price they charged to keep his boat on the river.
After arriving at the couple’s farm on the evening of April 9, Mr Hurley made threats at two properties before arming himself with an air rifle.
He then fired several shots into a cattle shed where the couple were hiding, forcing them to flee.
Hull Crown Court heard how police arrived at the scene to find Mr Hurley firing into the air shortly after he called them to say: “I’m going to shoot them all.”
Mr Hurley, who was reportedly drunk at the time, refused to put down his weapon and told police he was “not giving up”.
He then threatened to blow up a shed he rented on the farm with a gas cannister.
Prosecutor Thomas Ledden told the court: “A short time later, the defendant then boarded his boat on the river, securing himself inside.
“As officers approached, he made threats to either fight them or blow up the boat if they tried to board.”
Hurley was eventually talked down by police negotiators and arrested.
The defendant admitted affray, making threats to kill and criminal damage.
Sentencing has been adjourned until June 23 and Mr Hurley was released on conditional bail to live at his sister’s home.
He is not allowed to contact the complainants, go within five miles of the farm and must not buy alcohol or have it bought for him.

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Picture: Hull Daily Mail