Marine experts are hoping the group will find their way to deeper water over the next few days

Boaters near Essex are being urged to keep

a safe distance from a group of pilot whales that are currently feeding on the River Blackwater.

The unusual sighting means many may want to

observe the whales but marine experts are asking boaters not get too close or

disturb them.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue have

teamed up with Essex Police’s marine unit to keep an eye on the whales who

arrived in Essex on Tuesday.

The group of 35 plus pilot whales were

first spotted near Sheerness in Kent on Sunday before heading up the coast to

Essex in search of food.

As the water in the River Blackwater can

become extremely shallow when the tide goes out, there are concerns that some

of the group could become stranded on mud and sand flats.

A spokesperson from the British Divers

Marine Life rescue said they would be continuously monitoring the group until

they leave the area to ensure they don’t get themselves into any trouble.

“We’d ask people to keep a safe distance

from the group as we don’t want to split them up as there are youngsters among


So far none of the pilot whales have become

stranded but there are other agencies such as the coastguard on standby should

any of them get into difficulty.

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