The Indonesian Government has fined the London-based operator Noble Caledonia more than £350 million to cover the damage MS Caledonian Sky caused to the coral reef in Raja Ampat

30 May

Indonesian media are reporting that British cruise ship operator, Noble Caledonia has been fined six trillion Indonesian Rupiah (over £350 million) by the Indonesia Government after one of its ships hit the Kri Reef in Raja Ampat.

The incident happened on 4 March 2017 when MV Caledonian Sky grounded on the reef.

Although it was re-floated later that evening on the rising tide, a tug had earlier tried to remove it causing serious damage to the coral.

At the time, Nobel Caledonia stressed that this had been done on the recommendation of the Indonesian Search & Rescue Authority.

It also said it would work with the Indonesian Government ” towards a fair and realistic settlement”.

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It is estimated that around 1,600 sq m of coral was damaged as a result of the incident.

The area is popular with divers and is considered to have some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

According to the Indonesian website, Tempo.Co, the Environment Ministry Pollution and Coastal Degradation Management Director Heru Waluyo said the level of the fine was based on a calculation taking into account damage related to the ecosystem, economy and society, ecosystem rehabilitation and costs involved in the damage claim.


15 March

British cruise ship company, Noble Caledonia, says it is working with local experts in Indonesia to see how it can assist in the regeneration of a coral reef which was damaged by its ship, MS Caledonian Sky.

The incident happened on 4 March 2017, when the vessel grounded on the reef off Kri Island.

It was re-floated later that evening on the rising tide, but only after a tug was brought in to try and remove it off the reef.

The company said this was done on the recommendation of the Indonesian Search & Rescue Authority and agreed by the local Harbour Master.

An early official evaluation has estimated that the MS Caledonian Sky has damaged approximately 1,600 sq m of coral.

The area is popular with divers and is considered to have some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

In a statement, Noble Caledonia said: “We are working with local experts to understand how we can assist with the regeneration of the reef.”

“We value our relationships around the world with local people and we are sorry to have impacted the local community,” it continued.

“To this end Noble Caledonia has established a fund with the aim of helping the local population and contributing to the repair of the reef. We would like to send our own Expedition teams to help with the regeneration,” said Noble Caledonia.

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“Separately, we are fully insured and our insurers are currently working in conjunction with the Indonesian Government and a local reef assessment expert. Together we shall work towards a fair and realistic settlement,” it added.

Noble Caledonia said it would work closely with the local community.

“We immediately recognised that our actions caused this incident. We now need to establish precisely how we can assist local operators and authorities to finance and work towards a regeneration of this vital reef,” it said.

MS Caledonian Sky was on a 16-night sailing from Papua New Guinea to the Philippines when the incident happened.

It only left the 4,290-tonne ship with superficial damage to the hull.

An investigation has been launched by the Indonesian authorities to try and find out why the vessel grounded in the first place.

An online petition has been launched demanding that Noble Caledonia doesn’t just give financial compensation but is also present to repair the destruction.